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 I can definitely tell you the types of information to include on your shipping policy page:

  • Shipping costs.
     Spell out your shipping costs, including any thresholds that exist around free shipping. This is your opportunity to break down any potential “surprise” fees, like duties and taxes.
  • Domestic and international fulfillment. 
    Again, if you exclusively serve a small domestic market, you’ll likely reach everywhere.Likewise, make it clear which other markets you ship to, and provide estimated delivery times and shipping options.
  • In-store pick-up.
     you might allow customers to order online and collect in-store. In that case, explain how to do it and what information the customer needs to provide.
  • Order processing times.
    Explain how long it’ll take from an order being placed to it being ready for shipping. Make it clear if there are any exclusions, like weekends or bank holidays, or if you have a cutoff time to qualify for things like next-day delivery. Keep this section up to date to reflect changes in your supply chain or periods of peak demand.